What is the value of a multidisciplinary approach?

Our multidisciplinary  approach goes beyond just managing your assets.By viewing your financial plan through a legal, tax, and fiduciary lens, we want to become your trusted Investment Advisor Representative.

We Work Hard to Keep You on the Path to Financial Wellness

1 Complex Strategies Made Simple

At Derbend, we know that highly specialized situations call for highly specialized strategies. We will create a customized plan for you that considers all of the factors that could impact your finances. Our goal is to make a plan that keeps you on the right path to achieve your financial success.

Because of our fiduciary duty, we are free of conflicts, allowing us to solely focus on what route will be  the most beneficial for you to reach your goals. Using our experience through multiple market cycles,  legal and tax expertise, the team at Derbend will make recommendations which can withstand the ups and downs of a shifting world. When you choose Derbend, we will get to know you and your situation and help you stay on course for the future.

2 A Specialized Approach to Financial  Planning - Understanding the Whole Picture

Whether you have accumulated wealth or are in the wealth accumulation phase, we can work to develop a plan focused on what is most important to you. Many advisors have planning capabilities, but lack the expertise to understand the tax and legal intricacies which may impact the plan. Our team is different. We have assembled a team to understand the whole picture.  Throughout the process, we want to help you truly understand your finances and leave our office with confidence and clarity in your retirement plan.

3 Estate Planning for Your Specific Needs

Estate planning provides peace of mind because you know your family and your assets will be taken care of long after you’re gone. We know each client has different needs to consider, so we always start the estate planning process with a conversation. We want to understand what matters to you so we can help plan for those things. Utilizing our experience with finance, tax, and law, we are able to craft customized plans, or work with your current attorney, which will truly protect your interests.

4 Tax Planning Relating to Your Investments

Investment decisions often require coordinated tax planning. A lack of tax planning can result in a meaningful erosion of investment returns that can weigh heavily on a portfolio’s performance. We strive to make the best investment decisions while also considering the taxable impact. We enjoy and encourage working directly with your CPA to best serve your overall financial health.

5 Teamwork

We value teamwork. Our staff consists of veterans and collegiate athletes. Teamwork is ingrained in our DNA. We welcome the opportunity to work with your existing professional relationships. Working together with your attorneys, accountants, and other professionals increases the consistency and accountability to reach your financial goals.

Financial wellness is just around the corner.


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